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Advising and Counseling


Academic advising is an important educational activity that works best when done early and regularly throughout the semester. Advising is a partnership between students, professional advisors and faculty, with the common goal of helping students get the most out of their college experience.

BCC integrates academic advisement within student support programs to maximize effectiveness. BCC students are assigned professional advisors and the expectation is that students and assigned advisors will keep in regular contact throughout the semester.

Academic Advisors

  • assist students formulate sound and sensible long-range educational plans that are consistent with each student’s personal and professional aspirations, 

  • inform students about college and program policies and opportunities, 

  • partner with students in exploring career and transfer options,

  • anticipate problems that may hinder student academic and personal success,

  • help students immerse in the life of the campus.

Faculty advisors also play an essential role in mentoring students through their personal and academic journey, and creating coordinated interventions with professional advisors and other student support areas.     

Pre-collegiate programs such as CUNY Start, Math Start, Future Now, or CLIP follow the highest advisement standards and work collaboratively with college programs to help students transition successfully to credited programs.  

New students who are not participating in ASAP or CD are assigned to the First Year Program. Afterwards, new students may transition to ASAP or the Academic Success Center. 

The advising units have implemented a Pillars for Student Success model developed to provide students with an essential tool kit for navigating college and preparing for the future. These pillars are four key areas that students need to concentrate on to excel in their studies and build a robust foundation for their career and life after graduation. They are:

  1. Academic Success: Commit to the Experience. Discovering your academic resources, developing strategies and creating habits that lead to graduation and help you achieve your academic goals.

  2. Financial Literacy: Because Money Matters! Learning and developing the set of skills needed and the resources available to help you make informed, effective financial decisions.

  3. Career & Transfer Readiness: It All Begins from Day One! Understanding the importance of being proactive in your career and transfer planning starting from your very first semester.

  4. Mindset for Success: Your Way of Thinking Matters. Identifying your purpose, developing a growth mindset and opening yourself up to new experiences.


Director: Alán Fuentes, LCSW-R

Sage Hall [SA], 2nd Floor | 718.289.5177

The mission of this office is to provide all Bronx Community College students with quality career building services, programs, and events to prepare them for internships and employment opportunities in their fields of study. The goal of the Career Development Team is to prepare students for the world of work through in-person and/or remote job readiness skills training, career-related information sessions, as well as mentorship, internship, fellowship, and/or volunteer opportunities. Students in need of immediate employment can receive assistance by scheduling an appointment with a career specialist. To qualify and be recommended for major related opportunities, students must meet with a career specialist to assess their level of career readiness and receive the necessary assistance and/or preparation to become competitive applicants. 

Some of the highlights of the Office of Career Development include: 

  • Self-assessments to determine a “major in line with your career interests and goals via an online system called “Focus 2” 

  • Resume and cover letter writing made easy through online programs and workshops 

  • Big Interview, an online self-directed program where students can improve their interviewing skills

  • On and off-Campus job preparation events to inform you about career and employment expectations, how to network in specific career fields, and how to obtain a job related to your major 

  • Job Readiness Groups to prepare you for recruitment events representing diverse fields for internships and employment opportunities

  • Assistance with securing new professional attire for internship and job interviews

If you want to make sure that you have chosen the right major or can graduate with experience in your major, schedule an appointment with your career specialist by calling, 718.289.5177, emailing us at, or visiting us at Sage Hall, second floor; your career specialist will get you started on your career path. Any questions or concerns can be directed to the department director at as well.

Transfer Services

Academic and Transfer Resources Coordinator: Edwin Roman 
Loew Hall [LO], Room 311 | 718.289.5459

Transfer Specialist: Thomas Bracken
Loew Hall [LO], Room 311 | 718.289.5871

Bronx Community College Transfer Services provides students with services to inform and facilitate transfer to appropriate senior colleges. Transfer Services can help you:

  • Understand educational pathways that will move you toward your intended career

  • Ensure that your degree program is consistent with your objectives

  • Select courses to maximize the number of credits transferred

  • Take charge of your planning for transfer by teaching you how to conduct research

  •  Understand the benefit of articulation agreements

Transfer Services addresses student needs via advisement, coordination of the transfer fair, the Transfer Talk newsletter, videos and workshops. 

It is never too early to start planning for transfer.